About us

Just over a year ago, we rented out our house, packed our lives into two backpacks and hit the open road. With a one way ticket to Delhi and very little in the way of a plan our round the world family gap year began…

“We are often asked whether it is difficult to travel with young children. Usually the question is posed by young travellers who don’t have kids. My stock answer is that life with children is life with children. We have the same issues on the road that we’d have at home: disagreements over screen time (George), drama over getting dressed (Tomas), refusal to get a haircut (both) and I still often impale my foot on lego when I go to the loo at 3am.”

One sunny day in Brighton
One sunny day in Brighton
We’ve covered a lot of ground so far; India, Nepal, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. 

It’s nearly time to go home.

One thought on “About us

  1. Hello Nick, Sam and family;

    We too love family, travel and blogging. Congratulations on taking on this huge adventure. You will never regret making this decision. Hope our paths cross one day 🙂

    We are two years back from our family gap year and we still talk about it all the time. It has changed all our lives and our perspective. Please drop by our blog for a visit and we look forward to reading more of yours.

    Prunella, Graham and family

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